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Headquartered in Madrid, Spain we have our sights set on the rest of the world. Thanks to the expertise of our professional staff and international partners, we invest in facilitating expansion towards new markets for unique companies committed to our shared vision of global market potential and dynamic growth.

With solid experience in launching and leading companies, international businesses development, transactions, financial services, marketing and communication, we collaborate with a wide network of partners who share our philosophy and ambitions, with one goal:
creating realistic opportunities for success

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ACTIVITIES / the things we do

At ADNRY we like to engage fully in what we do! So we often get involved in a wide variety of projects, but always with one goal:
Creating real opportunities for success.

With a strong technological foundation that provides real-time indicators, we make decision making easy and improve internal processes to ensure that the whole enterprise is oriented in one direction: growth.

Through bank financing, private equity, or structured funds we offer the possibility to invest necesary capital into companies in order to make the leap to new markets.

While the executives focus on what they do best we provide financial support to help the company achieve its strategic goals.

As external support or partner we look for the best options for the international development and expansion of the companies in our investment portfolio and from our partners and clients.

We analize, internalize, and refine the most differentiating advantages of each business to expand its access to new markets based on our international experience and support of a network of collaborators on different continents.

We invest and partner with companies that have an excellent vertical product or service, providing an expert multidisciplinary team needed to make it grow.

Our experience with different business models and the "know-how" of each and every one of the areas of a company, lets us supplement the existing capabilities to make that small leap that will allow our customers and investments to boost their performance with success.



MARKETS / where we operate

Accessing new markets involves risks. Our job is to meet those risks based on exhaustive analysis, knowledge of the various markets, international relations and years of experience doing business worldwide. We convert this know-how in a variety of tactics and strategies that we make available for better decision-making.

Our international team is also at your service to provide any kind of management and support throughout the process of internationalization, financing or growth.


  • adnbp partner
  • veritia partner
  • acn partner
  • latinasia partner
  • camara partner
  • dcg partner
  • 8belts partner
  • yangphel partner
  • kazeurope partner

PORTFOLIO / cases where we made the difference

  • The Advanced Leadership Foundation is a global organization aimed at fostering and developing leadership skills in future social, business and political leaders.

  • ADNRY partners with 8belts creating a new business concept to expand the brand’s commercialization to China and Latin America. This is how is born.

  • Investment fund created to support the internationalization of Spanish companies in the American market in hand with a highly specialized and very specialized team within the United States.

  • StoreMyTumor is the leader in providing tumor processing, preservation and coordination services for patients with cancer, so that the preserved tumor is compliant with most therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

  • Joint Venture between Bhutan and AJEGroup for soft drink distribution in the Indian market.

  • Software designed to control operating expenses of a company in a transparent manner for their employees. Manages to diminish costs, based on human psychology and anomaly detection.

  • Online directory, promoted by the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF), in order to offer the information about Spanish foundations in a systematic and organized way to the public.

  • International Exposition to look at energy from a common, global viewpoint that takes into account the challenges and concerns facing humanity, safeguarding our health and the environment while boosting economic and social development

  • Commercial unit related to Salta la Muralla created to promote the Chinese language within organizations and business schools.

  • ENERGY SERVICE COMPANY (ESCO) which generates its business by achieving energy saving for clients based on the improvement of their energy efficiency and the reduction of the environmental impact associated with energy consumption.

CONTACT US / we're looking forward to work with you

Send us your contact info or inquiry and one of our team members will contact you as soon as possible.
If we facilitate the growth of your business, we grow ourselves. Therefore, your success is our success.


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